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Welcome to Istanbul - Eat, Pray, Love on Bosphorus

Welcome to Istanbul – the city of your dreams on Bosphorus

Your plane just landed in Istanbul? Congratulations! Welcome to the city of your dreams! Even if you don’t realize it right now, believe us, it will become the place that you will never forget. Istanbul breaks the hearts of millions of people and we are quite sure you will fall in love with it as well. Read this article, we will give you some tips on how to make your trip unforgettable.

Turkish Breakfast in Istanbul

What can be more enjoyable than a traditional Turkish Breakfast with hundreds of small plates with different kinds of cheese, sausages, olives, jam, vegetables, fruits and liters of real Turkish tea? Only Turkish breakfast in a terrace of café or restaurant. There are dozens of café and terrace restaurants in Sultanahmet - the historical old city. Just check some good places for breakfast in Istanbul here!

Tip: In Turkey, people always prefer tea for breakfast and a strong Turkish coffee after dinner. So ordering Turkish tea in a small glass cup in the form of a tulip is a must-do if you are having breakfast in Istanbul.

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Istanbul Tour

After breakfast, it’s time to explore the city. Take a walking tour starting from the historical center of Istanbul - Sultanahmet square and walk along the tram line passing Gulhane park - the park of Ottoman Sultans, Sirkeci Old Railway Station which was the point of departure of the legendary Orient Express. Just keep walking and the amazing Golden Horn appears in front of you. You can check out the tours here

bosphorus tour istanbul

Istanbul Bosphorus Eminonu Ferry Station

You see Eminonu ferry station. But it is not just the ferry station of Istanbul. It is a place from where you may easily get to the Asian side of Istanbul (Kadikoy, Uskuar, Harem) crossing Bosphorus. It is a place where you are able to taste the best fish sandwich ever (balik ekmek) and try shalgam - popular and traditional Turkish beverage from southern Turkey. It is a spiced, salty and sour brine of turnip, pickles and red carrot.

Tip: You may see many fish restaurants under Galata Bridge. For sure you may try good fish dishes there. But don’t be afraid to try street food in Istanbul. It is safe and millions of Istanbul citizens who eat street food all the time without any fears and suspicions can prove it. Just keep walkin along Golden horn and Eminonu and you may see small cafes beside the water.

From Eminonu you can reach easily Istanbul Spice Bazaar (Egyptian Bazaar) or go to Karakoy - a neighborhood near the Bosphorus with hipster cafés and boutiques of local designers.

bosphorus cruise and spice bazaar

Egyptian Bazaar is a famous Istanbul market near the Bosphorus where you can not only buy the best spices, Turkish delight, baklava, and coffee. Here you can feel the spirit and atmosphere of the real Turkish market: noisy, with hundreds of smells and so friendly shopkeepers. They give you to try all Turkish delight that they sell and treat you with tea.

See the Marvelous night Istanbul from Bosphorus

You may ask about night activities. And we already have a good solution for you! You can take a Night Dinner Cruise on Bosporus and see amazing night views of Istanbul. Let us tell you more about Istanbul Bosphorus Cruise.

Istanbul Bosphorus Cruise With Dinner

Dinner Cruise on Bosphorus is a perfect idea if you came with your significant other, with friends, or if you are a big family. It is a special “all-inclusive Bosphorus tour”. What does it mean? It means you that the management and the staff of the company take care of everything! All you need is just one call, message on WhatsApp or email and it's in the bag! We do the rest.

Bosphorus Cruise in Istanbul: What should you know about the tour?

Dinner Cruise on Bosphorus is a perfect idea if you came with your significant other, with friends, or if you are a big family. It We provide one of the best Bosphorus tours in Istanbul on a well-equipped two-deck cruise boat. Years of experience and all-the-time desire to improve our cruises give us the opportunity to provide the best service. Try and you will never forget the amazing night on Bosphorus. We have chosen the best route and during the Bosphorus cruise, you will enjoy amazing night views of the Istanbul. You’ll see the main sightseeing:

• Suleymaniye Mosque
• Topkapi Palace,
• Dolmabahche Palace,
• Ortakoy Mosque,
• Galata Tower;
• Rumeli Fortress, etc.

bosphorus dinner cruise
bosphorus cruise

Take Amazing pictures on Bosphorus

Also, we have a professional photographer with a team onboard during the Bosphorus cruise. We can take beautiful professional pictures of you in the boat, then we will print them at once and you can take them with you.

Bosphorus Cruise: Restaurant on the water

During the Bosphorus tour, you’ll have an open buffet dinner. We have two different kinds of Istanbul Bosphorus tour packages.

Bosphorus Package includes;

• Two-way transfer;
• Open Buffet;
• Show Program during the tour;
• Unlimited Alcohol drinks;
• Unlimited soft drinks

Sunset Package includes;

• Two-way transfer;
• Open Buffet;
• Show Program during the tour;
• Unlimited soft drinks.

We are happy to say that this is our advantage: we have a wide range of cold starters, hot dishes, unlimited soft drinks and unlimited alcoholic drinks for those guests who prefer Bosphorus package.

Istanbul Bosphorus Cruise: Transfer included

We take care of our guests. That’s why we organize two ways transfer for all Bosphorus tour customers who live in Sultanahmet Old City, Taksim, Beyazit, Aksaray, Topkapi. We pick you up from hotel before the tour and after the cruise is finished we drop you back. We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed during our Istanbul Bosphorus cruise, we think about all the details. Don’t think anymore. Just enjoy your holiday in marvelous Istanbul and spend an unforgettable night on Bosphorus cruise! We are sure, you’ll love it! If you have any questions about Istabul Bosphorus Cruise, please feel free to ask us . Our Bosphorus cruise team will assist you with a pleasure.

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